My work on Mongolia, Phish, screen time for toddlers and the Affordable Healthcare Act’s forgotten teeth, it’s all here on the new news startup.

My work for, the nation’s leading real estate blog: Rental tips, legalities for landlords, and how to make spaces feel like home.

In Brooklyn, a Second Life for Dogs: (The Responsibility Project) Sara Cross never considered herself a dog person. Then came Fred. And some 800-plus other animals. A Liberty Mutual Insurance publication.

Pregnant and Depressed: ( Less well known than postnatal depression, prenatal depression can be just as dangerous. Also, How to Get Help.

Bronx Apartment Building Gets New Energy: (Wall Street Journal Local NY) A low-income housing project in the shadow of Yankee Stadium goes green.

Thai Food That Changes Lives: (The Responsibility Project) In the Bangkok slums of Klong Toey, Khun Poo strives to make a difference – one Pad Thai at a time. A Liberty Mutual Insurance publication.

Career Shift: From Copy Editor to Social Media Guru (Next Avenue): In her 50s, Laurie Creasy traded traditional print for cutting-edge graduate school. A PBS project focused on Baby Boomers, for the Work and Finance section.

Nannies: Not Just for Rich Kids: (  I used to think only the rich hired nannies. Then I had a baby.

Garden’s Prospects Dim Under Condo Plan: (Wall Street Journal Local NY) A planned four-story apartment building threatens to cast a long shadow—literally—over a prominent Park Slope community garden.

Getting Active With Passive Houses: (Wall Street Journal Local NY) The ultimate in green building, popular in Europe, finally makes inroads in New York.

Levon Helm’s Rocking Rambles: ( In the mountains of upstate New York, the ’60s bandleader plays host to musicians old and young with sets that play far into the night.

Pushing the Limits of History: (Wall Street Journal Local NY) The hottest historic development fight in the city over proposed expansions in the West End Historical District.

Brooklyn Brownstone With a Twist—It’s New: (Wall Street Journal Local NY) A look at the first completely new brownstone house built in Park Slope in decades.

Family Grapples With Castle on Hudson: (Wall Street Journal Local NY) The Osborns, whose grandparents once called Astors and Rockefellers friends, consider selling their historic castle as costs, like $200 a day for heating, rise.

Alvino Rey’s Musical Legacy: ( As the unsung father of the electric guitar and grandfather of two members of Arcade Fire, Rey was a major influence on rock for decades.

New Roll of the Dice for Atlantic City: (Wall Street Journal Local NY) Mapping of Tourism District sparks new interest in resort real estate, but the approach remains mostly wait-and-see

Peekskill Lofts Less of Sparkplug Than Hoped: (Wall Street Journal Local NY) Apartments reserved for low-income artists brings color to Westchester County, but isn’t quite the magic bullet town fathers long for.

Tunnel Decision Has Ripple Effects: (Wall Street Journal Local NY) Fallout from Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to cancel a major transit tunnel includes millions of dollars of properties purchased by the state that have no use now.

Burning Affection for Park Slope’s Gas Lamps: (Wall Street Journal Local NY) A local feature in my neighborhood became the first of several assignments pitched and accepted by the Journal’s new city section.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Makes Some Women a Bit Crazy Every Month: (Washington Post) A Health section cover story about my battle — and others’ — with a rare disorder.

‘American Idol’ Segment Helps Push Tourette’s Syndrome into Cultural Mainstream: (Washington Post) A Health section cover story about the latest research on an often stereotyped neurological syndrome.

Couple Finds Thomas Jefferson Letter: (Washington Post) This article was also featured as a Yahoo! dynamic lead and on the History Channel Web site. I pitched this story to the Post after hearing about the letter from an old college acquaintance, and an editor called me within 24 hours.

A Mother’s Anguish: (AOL News) An interview with Linda Kaiser puts a face on the recall of millions of window shades a few days earlier. I first saw Linda as a feature in the Chicago Tribune, and tracked her down.

Cries for Help Not Always Answered: (AOL News) A take-out piece in the wake of a major national story about a gang rape in California. I also included multimedia elements that truly deepen the story.

Climbers Survive New England Avalanche: My eye for compelling drama drew me to a small, local headline in The Boston Globe. I tracked down one of the climbers, persuaded him to share his exclusive photos, and then reported, wrote and produced the story, including writing captions and headlines and coding the package.

Whole Lot of Shaking Going On: (Binghamton University Research Magazine) The University needed a tech-savvy writer comfortable dissecting engineering jargon.